The Kirk Hammett Collection

KH95x Cry Baby Purple Sparkle Pedals Special "Signed" Release Edition of 75

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Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Dunlop’s release of the unsigned pedals will be May 1, 2022. 

Please refer to NOT SO FINE PRINT BELOW for Shipping Date and other info!


KH95x Cry Baby Purple Sparkle Pedals are HERE!

Special "Signed" Release Edition of 75 pedals only.

The Kirk Hammett Collection Cry Baby Wah delivers the heavy metal legend’s signature wah tones in a special edition purple sparkle finish.

“I always feel a great energy when I play my purple sparkle Ouija guitar. I thought it would make a killer sonically spiritual connection, to have a pedal with that same outwards vibe. “

We are excited to present an exclusive release of 75 pedals personally signed by Kirk Hammett.  This special edition pedal is a brilliant purple sparkle and has the same Cry Baby quality you can rely on by Jim Dunlop. 

Based on Kirk’s own Cry Baby Rack Wah settings, this pedal recreates the sound that he used to fire up the licks that revolutionized metal solos. The response is even from heel to toe with an arresting midrange wail and a thick top end—perfect for fast, melodic runs over hard-charging riffage.




  • Domestic shipping only available via UPS Ground.
  • Signature required for delivery. 
  • Pedals will start shipping out on April 8th, 2022
  • Signatures on pedal will vary. NO REFUNDS for smudges etc. Kirk signed each one with love not necessarily precision, lol! 
  • Pedal boxes were opened for Kirk to sign. By purchasing, you acknowledge pedal outside packaging is NOT MINT and has been opened to allow for signing/repacking. 
  • Each pedal package will come with a small bag of (6) guitar picks from one of Kirk's It’s Alive ! Museum shows inside as a thank you for supporting this special release! Look for the bag with The Kirk Hammett Collection logo sticker!!!

    Pedal manual specifications:


      Input 680 kΩ
      Output 4.7 kΩ

      Filter Parameter
      Low Pass 300 Hz to 380 Hz

      High Pass 1.4 kHz to 1.8 kHz
      Maximum Level
      Input -13.5 dBV
      Output +6.5 dBV

      Maximum Gain
      Heel Down +17 dB at 300 Hz to 380 Hz
      Toe Down +21 dB at 1.4 kHz to 1.8 kHz

      Noise Floor*
      Heel Down >95 dBV
      Toe Down >89 dBV

      Bypass Hardwire
      Current Draw 4 mA
      Power Suppy 9 volts DC

      *OdBV=1VRMS, A-weighted